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At Filby Primary School, we aim to ensure that every student leaves our school with a deep understanding and knowledge of mathematical concepts and an enjoyment of maths. Our children will become confident mathematicians by securing number fluency through varied and frequent practice of the fundamentals of maths. They are encouraged to become responsible learners by learning key mathematical facts (number bonds, multiplication facts, measures facts) that enable them to develop key life skills such as money sense.  We are an inclusive school and believe that every child is a mathematician regardless of their starting points and believe that no child should be left behind. Our lessons are designed so that all can achieve. By encouraging a growth mindset, children aspire to apply their learning to successfully solve routine and non-routine problems using a variety of strategies. By working together they learn to respect and value each others’ ideas and strategies.


Overview for the year:

This year in Key Stage 2, we are able to teach children maths in their year group for the majority of lessons. Due to the pandemic over the last two years and children's varied experiences of face-to-face teaching, we are following the NCETM guidance overview. This incorporates some mathematical concepts from previous years as well as year group specific mathematical content. This will ensure that any gaps in children's learning can be identified and addressed so that they are ready to progress through the curriculum.