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Recovery Premium and Curriculum

On this page you will find details of our Recovery Premium expenditure and how we have supported (and continue to support) children in curriculum recovery after the two periods of school closure due to the COVID pandemic.


What is a Recovery Curriculum?


This is a term used to describe how a school plans to 'recover' the learning lost from last year's school closures. The important aspects for us as a school is to get the children to re-engage with school in a manner that promotes their safety and wellbeing as well as fills academic 'gaps'. 


Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, a Professor of Mental Health Education at Oxford Brookes University has generated a Recover curriculum where he explores 5 'levers' to 'lever' children back into education. We have read this and generated our own Recovery Curriculum based around four fundamental strands that we believe to be vital for us as a school, namely: Relationships; Community; A relevant Curriculum; Metacognition. Please see below an overview of our Recovery Curriculum with some examples of how we are implementing it. This of course runs alongside our school aims entitled 'The Filby Way' - 


To develop citizens who value education and have an understanding of themselves, each other, their community and the wider world. 

We are;

Respectful. Caring. Inclusive. Aspirational. Responsible.