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Recovery Curriculum

What is a Recovery Curriculum?


This is a term used to describe how a school plans to 'recover' the learning lost from last year's school closures. The important aspects for us as a school is to get the children to re-engage with school in a manner that promotes their safety and wellbeing as well as fills academic 'gaps'. 


Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, a Professor of Mental Health Education at Oxford Brookes University has generated a Recover curriculum where he explores 5 'levers' to 'lever' children back into education. We have read this and generated our own Recovery Curriculum based around four fundamental strands that we believe to be vital for us as a school, namely: Relationships; Community; A relevant Curriculum; Metacognition. Please see below an overview of our Recovery Curriculum with some examples of how we are implementing it. This of course runs alongside our school aims entitled 'The Filby Way' - 


To develop citizens who value education and have an understanding of themselves, each other, their community and the wider world. 

We are;

Respectful. Caring. Inclusive. Aspirational. Responsible.